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Life can be overwhelming at times. Stresses can pile up, one atop the other, till they're more than we can handle. At other times, we can be blindsided by unexpected adversity. Whatever you're facing, we want you to know you're not alone! WE'RE HERE FOR YOUR FAMILY WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP OTHER FAMILIES THRIVE IN CHRIST? Many of the resources we provide – such as our Focus on the Family radio broadcast, online articles, professional counsellors and more – are made available to families at no cost. Our ministry is supported entirely by caring individuals, families and business owners who want to see families in Canada strengthened and drawn closer to God. If you are interested in giving back and helping the next generation of families find and follow Christ, please donate to Focus on the Family Canada today. Thank you for helping families thrive! Prices and availability subject to change | M00208M 1.800.661.9800 CONTACT US FOR HELP AND PRAYER WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! EMAIL HELP@FOTF.CA OR CALL 1.800.661.9800 LEARN MORE AT FOCUSONTHEFAMILY.CA/HELP Let us pray for you Our staff gathers every weekday morning to pray for families across Canada who are dealing with loss, prodigal children, strained marriages and other stressful circumstances. We would love to pray for you too. Let our counsellors help Our team of professional Christian counsellors are available to speak with you for a free, one-time phone consultation. They can also help you find a Christian counsellor in your area.

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